Returns of items purchased at

Common reasons for returning items:

  • Expecting another return;
  • Low activity;
  • Needed a refund for personal reasons;
  • Item had a lock/restriction placed on it;
  • [Instagram] Account was hacked by bots;
  • [YouTube] The channel turned out to be a strike;
  • [YouTube] Channel without monetization;
  • etc.

Reasons why we will refuse to return the goods:

  • In your refund request, you provide the reason that was written in the item description, such as the channel has 2 strikes or no monetization connected;
  • The item you purchased was blocked for your reason (e.g., you changed the theme in the facebook community or you publish (someone else's) copyrighted content on youtube);
  • After purchasing and maintaining it for some time, you realized that you can't maintain an account on that social network;
  • Personal reason (lack of money to pay the loan, etc.).
  • Monetization/affiliate program was disabled after purchase;
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