Where do you get your YouTube channels, Instagram accounts?
All items on our site are bought back from other owners or created by our team (Youtube shorts-channels) and are our property.
Can I trust you?
Definitely - Yes. We've been verified digital sellers since 2019, in that time we've conducted over 500 transactions and received over 200 positive reviews from our customers.

You can see reviews and other information in - Reviews
How do I buy a product on the site?
To buy a YouTube channel or Instagram account, select your favorite product in the catalog and add it to the cart by clicking - Buy. After that in the cart, make a request by filling in all the fields of the form, then you will be directed to the page of payment, if you do not find the desired method of payment, you can contact our manager - contact and clarify whether we accept your desired method of payment. After payment (if you paid through the site) you will be redirected to the page where further actions will be written. 
I entered the wrong data in the form, what should I do?
If you made a mistake with the contact data - no problem, after payment you can write in messages to the manager t.me/dream_channels and attach the payment receipt, and then you will be given the purchased goods. Also you can ask the support on the site, we will definitely help you. 
What time do you work?
We work 7 days a week from 9:00 to 01:00 Moscow time. 
I want to sell my goods on your site, how can I do it?
After purchasing the product it was blocked/lost access/restricted
All products are checked before publication, if the product has any nuances, you can learn about them in the description in the product card. 

If something happens to the channel or account after purchase through no fault of ours, no refunds are possible.
I don't like the product! I want to return
Once you have taken full possession of the goods, we can buy them back, but with a 50% difference from the original price.

If you have paid for the item but have not yet handed it over, in that case we will refund the full amount (not including commission on payment).
Can't find an answer to your question? Contact us and we'll be sure to help you :)
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